Regnal dates of the kings of wessex and of England

Regnal dates of the kings of wessex and of England
Kings of Wessex
Ethelred I
Alfred the Great
Edward the Elder
Kings of England
Edmund I
Edward the Martyr
ZEthelred II
the Unready Sweyn Forkbeard
ZEthelred II the Unready Edmund II Ironside Cnut
Harold I Harefoot
Edward the Confessor
Harold II
William I the Conqueror
William II
Henry I
Stephen Henry II
Richard I
John Henry III
Edward I
802-839 - effectively first king of England 839-856/858 - son of Ecgberht 855/856-860 - son of ZEthelwulf 860-865/866 - son of ZEthelwulf 865/866-871 - son of ZEthelwulf 871-899 - brother of ZEthelred I 899-924 - son of Alfred the Great
925-939 - son of Edward the Elder
939-946 - son of Edward the Elder
946-955 - son of Edward the Elder
955-959 - son of Edmund I
959-975 - son of Edmund I
975-978 - son of Edgar
978-1013 - son of Edgar
1013-1014 - Danish, took throne from
exiled /Ethelred II
1014-1016 (restored)
1016 - son of Ethelred II
1016-1035 - Danish, son of Sweyn, elected
by English witenagemot
1035-1040 - Anglo-Danish, son of Cnut
1040-1042 - Danish, son of Cnut
1042-1066 - son of Ethelred II
1066 - last Anglo-Saxon king
1066-1087 - Norman, overthrew Harold II
at Hastings
1087-1100 - son of William I 1100-1135 - son of William I 1135-1154 - nephew of Henry I 1154-1189 - grandson of Henry I 1189-1199 - son of Henry II 1199-1216 - son of Henry II 1216-1272 - son of John 1272-1307 - son of Henry III
Edward II 1307-1327 - son of Edward I
Edward III 1327-1377 - son of Edward II
Richard II 1377-1399 - grandson of Edward III
Henry IV 1399-1413 - seized throne from Richard II
Henry V 1413-1422 - son of Henry IV
Henry VI 1422-1461 - son of Henry V
Edward IV 1461-1470 - seized throne from Henry VI
Henry VI 1470-1471 (restored)
Edward IV 1471-1483 (restored)
Edward V 1483 - son of Edward IV
Richard III 1483-1485 - seized throne from Edward V
Henry VII 1485-1509 - took throne after killing
Richard III on Bosworth Field

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